enlightening minds, lightening spirits.

8th Annual Camp Theme: “I Am Light”

With the hectic pace of the full lives we all live, it is easy to get bogged down by life’s details. (I sometimes even get bogged down in the details of planning life’s joys!)

It’s time for you to lighten up and have more fun & laughs, more moments of being present, more gentle care of you and faster recovery from life’s bumps in the road. It all adds up to a better life (which you deserve)! And a life full of your light, which is a gift to you and to the world.

In our 8th annual camp you will discover ways to lighten up and enjoy the journey of your life, because you have a beautiful inner light that shines uniquely and brightly, when it’s not covered in muck! “I Am Light” could also be written “I Am Lite.” Let’s play together!