Women’s aha! Camp

10th Anniversary Theme: “The Symphony of You”


Life and all of its busyness–its ups & downs, its crazy workloads, its commitments to family & friends, its daily living demands (even for the simple stuff like food three times a day!)–can suck one’s energy dry…until there is no time left for appreciating the amazingly diverse woman you are, nor the possibilities for an even richer version of you, of your life’s “music.”

During our 10-year anniversary camps, whether you join in September 2021 or May 2022 (or both!), we will be exploring possibilities, removing worn-out road blocks and using the power of you and your already beautiful approach to life to create new and exciting “music” for your life.

Because as women, we truly are a symphony of loveliness for all of those who encounter us. (And we deserve to hear and appreciate our own music!) Come play and learn and relax your way into your uniquely wonderful symphony of you!

Please note: this is not a musical camp…just playing with the metaphor of this year’s theme!

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