May aha! Camp Fun & Details

10th Annual aha! Camp Theme:

“The Symphony of You”

I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the 10th year of camp with you! Whether you come in May or in September (or both!) you will be treated to unique Aha! Wisdom Sessions, a new Challenge Course and a different variety of Self Care options that make for the perfect camp experience. Plus, this year we are having a special guest to each camp and special goodies. If you are having a hard time deciding which camp is best for you, come to both (and get a screaming discount)!

Already excited to go to May aha! Camp and don’t need the details?

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May aha! Wisdom Sessions*

What good is camp if you go home and live the same old same old? Wisdom Sessions stop the madness and give women the permission to change and the wisdom & hands-on tools to pull it off.

*Please note: these were May 2019’s Wisdom Session. 2020 special surprise sessions coming soon–please check back. In the meantime, see below to get a feel for what camp can bring to your life.

Unlocking Self-Compassion

by Carolyn Casey (Boise, ID)

Have you ever wondered why self-care is so hard to do or sustain? Look no further: self-compassion is the culprit. Self-compassion fuels the self-care in your life...or it doesn't if it's locked up inside of you. Not to worry--self-compassion is a skill, which means we can learn, practice and grow comfortable with it at camp. And we will!

Compassion Cards

by Uma Mulnick (Portland, OR)

Back as a camp favorite, Uma will be using all sorts of art supplies to help you create your Compassion Cards--tools for you to use in your daily life to grow your self-compassion muscle and fuel your self-care experiences. Why not have your own art impact your own heart?!

Ending Brain Hijack

by Deborah Ray, LCSW (Boise, ID)

Stress, anxiety & overwhelm--any of these can hijack the best parts of your brain at any moment. Life doesn't have to be lived this way! Deborah, a licensed clinical social worker, will teach you how to remain calm and keep your brain fully online and working for you even in times of duress, so you can live the best version of you.

The Story of You

by Salome Mwangi (Boise, ID)

Our lives are a collection of stories. We each have thousands of them--which ones do you tell & focus on? Salome ("Saw-low-may"), as leader of the Refugee Speakers' Bureau, knows that even the same story changes over time. Tragedy and tears turn to compassion and laughter. Revisit the stories of you in inspiring, funny and fun ways.

Target Your Troubles

by Uma Mulnick (Portland, OR) & YMCA staff

We all have hurdles and stumbling blocks in life. It's one of the hardest parts of being human! This year we are targeting our troubles in a light, fun way and sending them on their way, freeing us to imagine and live bigger possibilities in our lives.

Nightly Campfire

by All Campers

This no-agenda event is a riot and more fun every year. Let's agree right now what happens at the campfire, stays at the campfire! Campers bring fun jokes, stories, riddles, goes on and on and on. (Warning: Depends adult wear may be needed for laughing until you, well, you go...)

“I love camp so much! Every year I attend I learn more and meet the most wonderful women. I have grown so much through the experience I have had a camp. I don’t know where I would be without it!” Kristine

 aha! Camp Fun on the Challenge Course

The truth is our best life doesn’t come when we are cozily entrenched in our comfort zone…or our zone of terror

The Challenge Ropes Course is designed to help you move to the middle ground, your “zone of growth,” where your insights can inspire and delight you.

Set in an old-growth forest, there are a range of activities, from simple walking exercises to activities up in the air–all designed to take you past your previous barriers and beliefs.

The best part is, you decide which activities you will participate in and which you will simply observe.

“Energetic, but each participant was only encouraged to do what they felt comfortable doing…no guilt ever!” Glory

 aha! Camp Self Care & Compassion:

The ugly truth: most women are experts at taking care of everyone except themselves…

Surprising news:  at camp we end the cycle of you ignoring you! Women learn to nurture themselves and follow their hearts and dump the heavy life loads they carry in their minds and in their emotions and in their bodies. This year’s self-care options are designed to help women release their “stuff” on many levels.

Select from one of our yummy options*…or make up your own:

*Please note: these were May 2019’s options. 2020 special options coming soon–please check back. And take a gander below to get a feel for the yummy options for you at camp.


by Lady J

Invented in Japan, reiki is an ancient energy healing arts practice that spans the world. Lady J was trained by a student of the woman who brought reiki to the US in the 1970s and has 4 decades of practice and experience training others. The best part is, this relaxing, no-touch healing works immediate magic for the recipient. Treat yourself to a yummy energy infusion for your life.

Ah the adventures one can have with a life jacket, a lovely high mountain lake and a variety of water toys (paddle boards, canoes, etc). Or, lounge at the beach with your new girlfriends, soaking in some sun. The sky's the limit on the fun you will invent. (Don't worry, no bikini necessary--that wouldn't be fun for most of us, would it?!)


Let Emily help you release the stress and tiredness out of your body with a regenerative massage. "I believe ardently in the power of kind and informed touch to help balance and provide the opportunity each of us need to heal ourselves, and combat environmental stressors."


by Lady J

A hit with campers the past two years, this unique, simple way of looking at the astrology chart using four of your signs and mapping them to the theaters of your mind. (Who knew?!) Discover how you move through the signs at different times, how you communicate, how you deal with people and why you are the way you are. Explains so much! (pre-registration info needed for this choice)

Forest romp, art, a nap…

by You!…and your imagination

There are endless options for you to invent about having more fun or enjoying some downtime, alone or with your new camp friends. Besides, we all need a nap just about anytime, don't we?

Reflexology Rebalancing

by Elizabeth Zupan

Reflexology is a healing modality which is designed to stimulate the nerve endings in the bottom of the feet. This stimulation helps bring healing and rebalancing to the nervous system. Reflexology is also useful in rebalancing the physical body, as the feet are the foundation of the body. In life, where there is a healthy foundation, there is a strong house.

Registered campers will have an opportunity to sign up for Self-Care sessions prior to camp.

“I really enjoyed the ‘self time.’ I don’t seem to get very much of ‘me’ time when I’m not stressing about family/commitment needs. This was nice to not have that over the weekend in this beautiful location.” Anonymous camper

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May aha! Camp Timing:

Camp starts: Thursday, May 14, 2020 check in 6-7 p.m. followed by a campfire at 8 p.m.
Camp ends: Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 1 p.m.

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A portion of each camper’s tuition supports these women-focused organizations: