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Using fun, laughter & self care to upgrade women's lives

Who knew that when I (Carolyn) won a trip to camp at the tender age of 7 I would reclaim camp for women decades later?!

I loved all things about camp as a child and still do as an adult. (On bad days in life I daydream about being magically transported to camp.)

It is my joy to spend a year planning the next camp that will delight women, give them the relaxation and rejuvenation they deserve, and touch their spirits with some wisdom to take home and use to live a better life.

In the end, the “happy camper” mindset is one I use throughout the year & welcome you to as well.


See you at camp (I hope!)

After my first trip to camp (age 7)

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    Still a happy camper (here at age 52…I look the same, right?)

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