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Women helping women go to Women's aha! Camp, have fun & heal

Carolyn believes every woman should have the opportunity to go to camp. (Because many women already skipped camp as little girls for financial reasons. Let’s end that cycle right now!)

And some women could really use a dose of camp in their lives.

Are you a woman who needs a camp scholarship? Or, do you know a woman you want to nominate for a camp scholarship?

What is a Camp Scholarship?
We all know camp adds a dose of yummy in life. That’s why we send kids to camp. It’s life changing–for adults too! And camp is also a dose of relaxation…and a break from life’s stresses. Best of all, camp is rejuvenating–something all women need in life.

Past campers, past scholarship recipients and other generous women who have never attended aha! camp have joined Carolyn to fund partial scholarships that help women who have been struggling with life challenges of any sort, providing the opportunity for them to go to camp at a significantly reduced rate.*

Making camp easier to attend financially is often the last bit of support that encourages a woman to begin helping herself climb out of whatever she’s facing and/or put some light at the end of her tunnel (or both).

How to Apply:
Raise your hand for a scholarship by filling in the scholarship form. Easy peasy–just like camp!

Requests for September 2021 camp will be solicited starting August 1, 2021–please plan to apply for a camp scholarship beginning August 1, 2021…and not before. (May 2022 scholarships will be solicited starting April 1, 2022…no foolin’.)

Please mark your calendar to remind you to come back, and join our newsletter so you get our invitation to apply. Thank you!

How to Donate:
Join our community of women helping women. No woman should feel as though she can’t go to camp because of finances. Lend a helping hand to those in need by making a donation. The “Buy Now” button will give you options for donation amount. Thank you–every last bit counts and truly helps!

* Full scholarship recipients pay only $247 towards 2021 camp ($277 in 2022), and Carolyn works with each woman individually to figure out the best payment plan for her, before or after camp. Less than full scholarships are also awarded with the recipient paying the remaining camp balance.

2021 Women's aha! Camp scholarships will be solicited beginning August 1, 2021 for September camp. Please mark your calendar and plan to apply then. May 2022 scholarships will be solicited beginning April 1, 2022. Also, on a health note, please see the Health at aha! Camp requirements/guidelines prior to applying so you can choose the best camp fit for you (or the woman you are nominating).
Health at aha! Camp
Please describe:
1) a bit about your situation (or your friend's**);
2) why you think camp could help you/her in life;
3) why financial help is needed for camp

    **If you are nominating someone else for a scholarship, please indicate that in your message above.

    NOTE: Scholarships for September will be solicited starting August 1, 2021– please do not apply for a scholarship until that time. Thank you! Also, on a health note, all September 2021 campers must be fully vaccinated. Scholarships for May 2022 will be solicited starting April 1, 2022 (no foolin’). Please do not apply for May 2022 at this time. (May 2022 camp currently does not require vaccinations.)

    Make a Scholarship Donation

    Thank you for joining our community of generous women in making your donation. Every woman deserves the opportunity to go to Women’s aha! Camp!

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