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Camp at last!

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Welllllllllllllllll, who knew that 2020 and all that included face-to-face, in-person activities, even the joyful ones like aha! camp, would be postponed?! (And in camp’s case postponed again in May 2021.)

As with every human on earth, I have had to flow with the flow of humanity regarding the much-anticipated 10-year camps. I have literally had boxes of 10-year camp surprises that shipped pre-pandemic stored under my ping pong table, then later moved to be at my 900-year-old mother-in-“love” ‘s house when we moved to a smaller home. Life!

Here is what I think. I think women could use a dose of downtime, relaxation and laughter after all of the many logistical twists and turns we have managed–for ourselves, our work, our families, etc–during the covid unfoldment.

I’m thrilled to have a path to camp in September 2021. And, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that there have been and are some adjustments I am still making. (Just call me “Gumby!”)

Yet the fun of camp for everyone is that I make the arrangements and women just show up for the fun. So, fun times ahead. I hope you can join in! (Oh, and, yes, one of the details that is allowing for a carefree, fun camp adventure right now is a camp requirement for full vaccination for September’s camp. If that is not your cup of tea, or you are unable to meet that requirement, the May 2022 camp does not have vaccinations requirements…and hoping life in general becomes that way again!)