September aha! Camp Fun & Details

10th Annual aha! Camp Theme:

“The Symphony of You”

I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the 10th year of camp with you! Whether you come in May or in September (or both!) you will be treated to unique Aha! Wisdom Sessions, a new Challenge Course and a different variety of Self Care options that make for the perfect camp experience. Plus, this year we are having a special guest to each camp and special goodies. If you are having a hard time deciding which camp is best for you, come to both (and get a screaming discount)!

Already excited to go to September aha! Camp and don’t need the details?

September aha! Wisdom Sessions*

What good is camp if you go home and live the same old same old? Wisdom Sessions stop the madness and give women the permission to change and the wisdom & hands-on tools to pull it off.

*Please note: these were September 2019’s Wisdom Session. 2020 special surprise sessions coming soon–please check back. In the meantime, see below to get a feel for what camp can bring to your life.

Art with Heart

by Uma Mulnick (Portland, OR)

Can you create compassion from art...even if you have very little or no art skills (like Carolyn)? Uma's heart-centered sessions are always a camper favorite and are never about "perfect" art. This year you will leave camp with a series of compassion pieces to carry, post at home or keep in your car to remind you of the beauty that is you and bring forward the compassion you deserve as you live your life.

Label Me “Lovely”

by Carolyn Casey (Boise, ID)

Last year campers met Serious Sally and Lite Lucy, Carolyn's constant internal companions that run the show of her life very differently. This year we broaden our view to explore the labels that define our lives--for better and worse. Whether given by others, assigned by ourselves or randomly adopted, it's time for our lives to have a labeling upgrade!

Journey to Passion

by Shari Chatterton (Tavares, FL)

Let's be honest--most of us secretly believe that we don't truly have a passion, or that our passion is fleeting or that we only get one and we've already had it. The truth is everyone's journey to passion is different: different length, different twists & turns and different looking. Shari will inspire you to know you have a passion deep inside of you, and she has simple tools to help you explore your own journey to uncover your passion.

Laugh A Lot

by All Campers

There is a magic solution to stress, aging, anxiety, worry and all of life's unexpected dramas--laughter. Yes, laughter is the best medicine and in this session we are going to drum up enough laughter together that you may need to pack some extra underwear for this year's camp(!).

100% Yes

by Carolyn Casey (Boise, ID)

Not all "Yeses" are equal. Our best and biggest life unfolds from our willingness to receive 100% of what we want, before we settle for less than that (in our homes, in our jobs, with our kids, in our love life, with our friends). Learn to discern your yeses and grow them to 100%--100% of the time.

Nightly Campfire

by All Campers

This no-agenda event is a riot and more fun every year. Let's agree right now what happens at the campfire, stays at the campfire! Campers bring fun jokes, stories, riddles, goes on and on and on. (Warning: Depends adult wear may be needed for laughing until you, well, you go...)

“I love camp so much! Every year I attend I learn more and meet the most wonderful women. I have grown so much through the experience I have had a camp. I don’t know where I would be without it!” Kristine

aha! Camp Fun on the Challenge Course

The truth is our best life doesn’t come when we are cozily entrenched in our comfort zone…or our zone of terror

The Challenge Ropes Course is designed to help you move to the middle ground, your zone of growth, where your insights can inspire and delight you.

Set in an old-growth forest, there are a range of activities, from simple walking exercises to activities up in the air–all designed to take you past your previous barriers and beliefs.

The best part is, you decide which activities you will participate in and which you will simply observe.

“Energetic, but each participant was only encouraged to do what they felt comfortable doing…no guilt ever!” Glory

 Camp Self Care & Compassion:

The uncomfortable truth: most women are experts at taking care of everyone except themselves

Great news:  camp end the cycle of you ignoring you. At camp women learn to nurture themselves and follow their hearts and let go of the heavy life loads they carry in their minds and in their emotions and in their bodies. This year’ self-care options are designed to help women release their “stuff” on many levels.

Select from one of our yummy options…or make up your own

*Please note: these were September 2019’s options. 2020 lovely options coming soon–please check back. In the meantime, see below to get a feel for what camp can bring to your life.

Chocolate Reading

A camp favorite for the past five years, Sonya is back and ready to have fun with chocolate. We all love chocolate, right? But who knew chocolate could give insight to our lives?! Experience this unique and yummy view of your energy through a chocolate reading. Or bring healing through a reflexology treatment. Or attend a group meditative experience--anything Sonya offers becomes an instant camp favorite and delight. (Click on Sonya's name for details.)

So many options on the shores of the gorgeous Horsethief Reservoir. (Don't worry, no bikini necessary--that wouldn't be fun for most of us, would it?!)


by Massage Angel

There's nothing like a massage to help you melt into the camp experience. What better way to give yourself a well-needed dose of self care. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to relaxation and get back in harmony with your body. You deserve it!

Intention-based Chakra Re-balancing

by Lady J

NEW: We live in an energetic world. For thousands of years the Chinese have known this truth and identified 7 energy meridians in the body, called chakras. Lady J adds two more to complete the matrix. Being balanced supports emotional and physical health. During your session, your body will identify the most significant chakra for focus & rebalancing. As a bonus, you will also be given information on what actions and ongoing practices you can take to keep your energy balanced.

Forest romp, art, a nap…

There are endless options for you to invent about having more fun or enjoying some downtime, alone or with your new camp friends. Besides, we all need a nap just about anytime, don't we?


by Lady J

Invented in Japan, reiki is an ancient energy healing arts practice that spans the world. Lady J was trained by a student of the woman who brought reiki to the US in the 1970s and has 4 decades of practice and experience training others. The best part is, this relaxing, no-touch healing works immediate magic for the recipient. Treat yourself to a yummy energy infusion for your life.

Registered campers will have a chance to sign up for Self-Care sessions prior to camp.

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Treat yourself…or ask for camp as a gift–either way you loads of camp fun ahead. And, better still, you will be guaranteed a spot at camp!  (Waiting list will be started after last spot is taken…no need to panic.)

September aha! Camp Timing:

Camp starts: Thursday, September 10, 2020 check in 6-7 p.m. followed by a campfire at 8 p.m.
Camp ends: Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 1 p.m.

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A portion of each camper’s tuition supports these women-focused organizations: