Health at aha! Camp

Safe Fun…

Absolutely–the fun of camp is that it doesn’t have the finer details of day-to-day life. Women get a true and full vacation from those! (Corporate Carolyn, Serious Sally and the gang handle all of those for you–it’s what your camp tuition covers.)

Health Goal for aha! Camp: Low-risk camp experience with loads of fun (not loads of virus!). This does not mean “no risk” and is also doesn’t mean “camp at all costs.” (Please keep reading for details.)

To make sure that we can honor fun and allow you to get away from life details, I am (and have been for the past year and a half) proactively figuring out how we can have lots of fun without lots of health risk regarding covid and it’s various strains. Because our world is a moving target on the global pandemic, this information will be updated each week leading up to camp. Bottom line: Be Bendy about all of this!

This health info for camp was last updated on August 11, 2021.

September 2021 camp health guidelines:

  1. Full vaccinations are required.
  2. Yes, I need your proof of vaccination before you can attend camp (e.g. text or email a photo of your vaccination card).
  3. Because vaccinated people create a low-risk category of people according to the CDC, masks are not required for camp. (Honestly, I would not be good at being “the mask police”–Righteous Ruth would team up with Serious Sally and no one would have fun!). That said, each person may choose to wear or not wear a mask.
  4. No, this list of requirements is not a guarantee that someone will not experience a breakthrough case of covid at camp, though the likelihood is low for fully vaccinated people (at less than 10% based upon current CDC data…and vaccinated people who have breakthrough cases of covid experience less issues, esp. the serious ones like hospitalization and death.)
  5. Also, to be clear, someone could attend camp, bring the virus home (without knowing it) and infect someone at home who may be unvaccinated or have underlying medical conditions that bring a higher-risk covid experience. (Not fun…and if this scenario will not be okay in your life, it may be best to not attend camp this September.)
  6. Cabins will be assigned at 50%  or even less capacity. The smallest cabin size holds two women and the largest 6 women.
  7. To explore CDC guidelines for vaccinated people, please click here (this CDC page is updated often)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If it becomes impossible to offer a low-risk camp, then as I have done for 2020’s camps and for May 2021’s camp, I will be moving camp and camper registrations to a future camp date. We will not let a global pandemic make us give up on camp fun Ladies!

May 2022 camp health guidelines:

The truth is, none of us–globally!–has a clue what will be happening in our world in May 2022, so these guidelines are based upon my hopes for our world health…and will be updated as 2022 roles around.

  1. No vaccinations required for camp. (Hoping we have a herd established by then.)
  2. No masks required for camp. (Hoping there are no strains to transmit left.)