aha!s@home is a 2020 alternative to attending camp that still brings the fun, the connections and the wisdom of camp to your heart and home–because camp is not safe or possible right now.  (And let’s be honest, some women don’t ever want to go to camp yet they want what camp gives women. At last a solution!)

As always, you will be treated to unique aha! Wisdom Sessions, connections with forward-moving, life-minded women and a different variety of Self Care options that make for the perfect aha!s@home experience.

What better place to have some fun and upgrade your day-in-day-out life than to do it from home? This 6-week Zoom series lets you immediately test what you are hearing and see if it’s a fit for you…or how to modify it for your new, best-life practices. (The goal of camp has always been to improve women’s daily lives–now we are doing this on steroids!)

Plus, as part of our 10-year celebration of Women’s aha! Camp and to launch aha!s@home, we are having a kickoff concert and a special guest facilitator–because that makes the celebration even more fun. (And as I always say, “Fun is fun!”)

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aha!s@home Special Guest:

Karen Drucker

For 10 years campers have been learning and loving Karen’s Gratitude Song. As a special treat this year, we have Karen live for a private kick-off concert via Zoom!

Karen has been called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music,” with 20 CDs of her original inspirational music and an inspirational book, Let Go of the Shore: Stories and Songs That Set the Spirit Free. She sings, speaks, and leads workshops at women’s retreats and mind-body & health conferences all over the United States and has added international Zoom retreats during covid. She loves making music, making a difference, and touching hearts.

For the aha!s@home inaugural season, Karen and Carolyn are also teaming up to bring a truly unique aha!s Wisdom Session. (Details below)

aha!s@home Wisdom Sessions

Ready to change your @home life from the same old same old? Wisdom Sessions stop the madness, add a dose of fun & laughter, plus give women the permission to change (and the wisdom & hands-on tools to pull it off).

Label Me Lovely (week 1)

by Carolyn Casey (Boise, ID) & you!

Being kind to ourselves in all sorts of ways is a daily practice that can transform our lives. How many of us actually do that? In times of distress do we allow ourselves to be truly kind, compassionate and gentle with ourselves, or do we allow our inner critic to get in the way and mentally and verbally beat ourselves up?

In this session you will meet other like-minded women who grapple with self-kindness, and together you will inspire and encourage each other to test out some new approaches. Yes, there will be homework! 😉

Victim Violet or Victor Victoria? (week 2)

by Carolyn Casey (Boise, ID)

How do we rebound from the randomness of life events that throw us for loop? Carolyn has found it depends upon which parts of her complex inner Self show up to lead the charge. Meet two new characters Carolyn recently discovered while planning the 10-year camp celebration...and cancelling the May camp celebration...and transforming the September camp. They join past camp favorites (Corporate Carolyn, Lite Lucy, Serious Sally and Fixie Philomena) as they make their cases for "Life happens FOR me" versus "Life happens TO me." You will share in the discovery of your own life approach using humor and laughter and your own caste of characters to decide who gets your attention the next time Life surprises you.

Talk to the Feet (week 3)

by Sonya Stockhaus (Tempe, AZ)

What if the feet that walk your life path with you could talk...and tell you about Life's twisting and turning journey and how you are traversing it? Turns out they can! (Don't panic--no naked feet on camera requirements for this session...unless you want to...)

For nine years Sonya has been delighting aha! campers with her Life insights. Now she is going to train you to look at your feet and understand what they are telling you about your Life journey. You will never casually assess your feet again...and isn't that fun?!

Permission Please! (week 4)

by Carolyn Casey (Boise, ID) &
Karen Drucker (Mill Valley, CA)

It's easy to blame life circumstances on others. Carolyn often finds, "I'm doing it to myself!" Carolyn and Karen team up in the witty, wise workshop where you will learn the power of personal permission to thrive in your life. Get ready to go big with your own permission slips!

Heart Art at Home (week 5)

by Uma Mulnick (Taos, NM) 

Creative expression builds inner joy. (Yes, even for those who think they aren't an artist...) For years, Uma has been delightfully leading even the most reluctant aha! campers to discover the joys of their own version of creation. (And if Carolyn can do it, anyone can do it!) Have fun in the process of bringing the joy of creation into your home and life in new ways.

Love Deposit & Love Withdrawals (week 6)

by Carolyn Casey & All of You

This no-agenda grand finale invites all of us to acknowledge the love in our lives and upgrade the love we give and receive. Some fun surprises sure to catch your head and heart, and a great way to end our 6 weeks together...which is truly the beginning of your upgraded @home life.

 aha!s@home Self Care & Compassion:

There are endless options for you to invent about having more @home fun or enjoying some downtime, alone or with your new aha!s@home friends via phone or chat or social media. Besides, we all need a nap just about anytime, don't we? (What if you gave yourself permission to take one?!)

The ugly truth: most women are experts at taking care of everyone except themselves, especially @home…

It’s time to end the cycle of putting yourself so far down on  your To Do List that you fall asleep each night before you ever get to your heart’s yearnings (or even simple things like a moment alone just for you)! It’s time for @home to get healthier for you. During the 6 weeks of aha!s@home, women will learn to nurture themselves, follow their hearts and dump the heavy life loads they carry in their minds and in their emotions and in their bodies. @home self-care options are designed to participate from home and help women release their “stuff” on many levels.

Select from one of our yummy options…or make up your own:


by Lady J

A huge hit at past camps, this unique, simple way of looking at the astrology chart using four of your signs and mapping them to the theaters of your mind. (Who knew?!) Discover how you move through the signs at different times, how you communicate, how you deal with people and why you are the way you are. Explains so much! As a special bonus, these Zoom sessions will recorded so you can share with your loved ones...and maybe entice them to explore this for their lives too. (Pre-appointment info needed for this choice.)

Emotional Pain Paramedic

by Laura Sond

If you are alive, then you have experienced emotional pain. It's part of Life's journey, for each of us. The author of Emotional 911, working with the energy your body emits, Laura pinpoints your body's biggest emotional pain point (e.g. emotional baggage...even if you aren't sure what it is), and releases it in the gentlest fashion--all via Zoom video. Then she takes you through a guided meditation to replace previous pain with loving kindness energy. Best part: as a special aha!s@home bonus, your meditation is recorded for your repeated use.

Life Joy Detection

by Sonya Stockhaus

A camp favorite for the past nine years(!), Sonya is ready to have fun with aha!s@home women. Offering private toe reading, chakra balancing and intuitive readings--all done via Zoom so you can have a recording to review and share with your beloveds.

Experience this unique view of your energy through Sonya's gifts.

Jumper Cable Hands

by Donnette Paishon

Did you know your hands have the ability to restore balance and harmony to your daily life? In one session with Donnette, a Hawaiian makua o'o (an elder in training), you will learn Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Care, an ancient healing art that you can use to improve your life and your health...or someone else's. This is a fabulous @home Self Care practice.

Emotional Ray-gulation

by Deborah Ray

Details coming--stay tuned!

Emotional Code

by Karen Stinger

Details coming--stay tuned!

Registered aha!s@home participants will have an opportunity to sign up for Self-Care options prior to and during our 6 weeks together.

“I really enjoyed the ‘self time.’ I don’t seem to get very much of ‘me’ time when I’m not stressing about family/commitment needs.” Anonymous camper

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Treat yourself to an upgrade in your life from the comfort of your home. (Or ask for it as a gift–a gift that keeps on giving.) What better way to know if what you are learning is working…and get support in making changes for you!

aha!s@home Timing:

Celebration Concert: Saturday, Sept 26, 2020 7-9 p.m. MST (with 7-7:30 pre-party and 7:45ish-9 post party)

aha!s@home timing: Saturday, 9:30-11:00 am MST
aha!s@home session dates: Oct 3, Oct 10, Oct 17, Oct 24, Oct 31, Nov 7

(NOTE: aha!s@home are via Zoom–participants will be given private link before each session. Zoom allows for video and non-video participation–your choice.)

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